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Frontiers – Firearms Preview, Fantasy Craft, Take One

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

Here are the current playtest stats for some of the firearms we’re using in the Fantasy Craft version.

New Weapon Quality: Ammo

Ammo: This weapon carries multiple rounds of ammunition in a rotating cylinder, a tubular magazine, or some other source. This quality is intended for ranged weapons, but may conceivably be applied to modern melee weapons like cattle prods or bang sticks. This quality indicates the number of times the weapon may be used to make attacks before it must be reloaded.

Big ol’ table of guns after the cut. Forgive the clashing colors; I’m wrestling with the handy plugin I used for table generation and the language it speaks, something you kids call the “CSS.” Read the rest of this entry »

To follow on the heels of Monday’s update, here are playtest rules for playing gnomes in Fantasy Craft! Gnomes are represented in Fantasy Craft by the Pech origin with the Shore Folk feat.

Shore Folk [Species]

Prerequisites: Pech, Level 1 only.
Benefit: The lower of your Strength or Constitution scores rises by 2 (your choice in the case of a tie), and you gain the aquatic I and superior swimmer I NPC qualities (see Fantasy Craft page 230 and 235). When taking the Basic Skill Mastery feat you have access to a new skill pair: Shore-Hunter (Athletics & Survival).


Frontiers – Skagar Origin For Fantasy Craft, Take One

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

This week’s Monday update continues on the tail of last week’s. We’ve got playtest stats for the skagar as a PC race in Fantasy Craft!


You’re a skagar, a troll-like humanoid descended from slave soldiers bred by the orcs in Ber-Tud, and abandoned after a failed invasion among the humans that have played uneasy host ever since. Broad, bold, and hard to kill, your people typically stand between six and half to eight feet tall. Your skin tones may range from an elephantine gray to deep forest greens and earthy browns, with your oily hair in a darker shade. Your long-fingered hands can vary in the number of digits, typically from three to six, one of several common mutations that occur as a byproduct of your regeneration.

You grew up either in human lands where you were treated as a second-class citizen, or riding in halfling caravans among the only other people that sees yours as peers. Good work is hard to come by for skagar, who are mistrusted and relegated to dangerous and unsavory jobs. You tire of laboring under inequality, and have taken up a life of adventure to escape the grind of persecution and to find fame, fortune, and friends worth staking your hard-to-take life for.

Common Personality Traits: Proud, long-suffering, understated, direct, reliable
Common Physical Traits: Extra fingers, hulking, rumbling voice, oily locks
Example Names: Belka, Django, Koloro, Nadja, Rajko, Tshaya
Splinter Race Feats: In progress.
Type: Medium (1×1) biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.

  • Attributes: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma
  • Base Speed: 30 ft.
  • Hungry: You require 5 common meals each day instead of 3 (see Fantasy Craft page 217).
  • Persecuted: You suffer a -1 penalty to your Legend (minimum 0) (see Fantasy Craft, page 29).
  • Regeneration 1: You heal 1 point of damage per round (you choose whether to heal subdual, vitality, or a wound). Also, your critical injuries heal in 1d4 hours instead of 1d4 months and you are only sickened for 1d6 minutes when successfully treated.
  • Rock Solid: You gain 1 additional wound each level.
  • Sullen: You suffer a –2 penalty with Impress checks targeting characters within Close Quarters.

Notes: I was originally going to just use the ogre PC race and the Stone Brave feat, but making them a Large-size creature didn’t fit with their original concept as creatures a bit bigger than humans, but not so much bigger that they can’t use human-sized furniture or equipment. Their regeneration 1 ability doesn’t have a cost in the point buy species creation guidelines for Fantasy Craft, so I priced it at one higher than the highest costing abilities on the list. Their persecuted drawback slows their Reputation gain, particularly at lower levels, but by the time they’re higher level heroes and their legends are clearly on the rise, they’ll be just as renowned as their non-skagar cohorts.