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A Most Dangerous Update

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

Andrew here. Long time, no see, pilgrims.

I’m aware that the site has gone without updates for many moons. What does that mean? It means I owe you an update for every missed Monday, a bonus/penalty update for every missed Monday, plus an update for every new Monday. That means I owe you fine folks about 64 back updates.

Consider me equal to the task.

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Frontiers – The Final Islands

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

The benighted archipelago in the center of the Western Deep was once thought to be the end of the world. Thus, the quartet of jungle-swept volcanic rocks was  named the Final Islands. Their names are grimly poetic, suggesting ending and finality: Dirge, Threnody, Requiem, Lament, and Elegy. While melodramatic, the names are apt–stepping foot outside the colony’s walls or mooring outside its buoys spells almost certain death for those not prepared to face the islands’ dangers.

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Frontiers – Fort Sajoo

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There’s a place where the Mighty Sajoo River hits a rock. A big-ass rock. The rock is called the Axehead, and it splits the Sajoo into two rivers like a branch. The North Sajoo River flows toward the thriving Konetti colony of Northport. The South Sajoo flows towards Northport’s mercantile rival, the Stalwart city of Cinder Keep. And on the looming promontory of Axehead itself is a city whose riverboats and rail junctions tie the two together and to the frontier, a city planted by a now-fallen empire as a signpost pointing her legions west, a city known by the old walls that surround it and by the waters that it watches: Fort Sajoo.
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Frontiers: An Introduction

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

“I will begin with the bold assumption that you, the reader, are already familiar with me through the writings of the popular novelist and my personal friend and traveling companion, Frederick Walden. Modesty wishes that I could say that his tales of my exploits are greatly exaggerated, but alas, they are only slightly exaggerated.

“The last time an account such as this one was amassed was thirty years back from the time of this writing, at the time of the Trebonian Empire’s collapse. It was the great Imperial sage Callock Buren’s Ashes of Greatness. I have great respect for the master’s work, and indeed found it very useful in planning my own journeys, but it is now terribly out of date. The Nasertian frontier has expanded, borders have changed, and the anarchy and unrest that characterized life a generation ago on Atrebor has largely disappeared throughout most of the continent. An updated account is needed, which is why I have taken it upon myself to provide it.

“When I set out to discover the world as a young man, I knew nothing of its breadth and splendor. Looking at a map will tell you that Hussett is almost as far from Nasertia as one can sail, but one hasn’t truly understood the distance until he has seen the plains elves hunt buffalo while holding in his memory the scent of Hussett’s spiced shores. He hasn’t realized the depth of the orcish threat until he has seen the great beacon fire flare up atop the Citadel of the Damned, bright enough to silhouette the painted sails of a fresh and colossal invasion fleet against the dark horizon. He hasn’t fathomed entropy until he’s stood in the great, empty, decaying hall of the old Imperial capital’s shaft car station. Nothing tells instills one’s soul with hope for the future like the spiraling glass towers of Endeavor, the City of Science, except perhaps for the moment when he first boards a ship sailing West.

“I have. I’ve been to those places, taken in those sights, felt those fears. If you desire to go there, too, then I caution you, reader: the wider world is a dangerous place. It is best to go prepared. Read carefully, and tread more carefully still. Keep your eyes open to the dangers, but also to the wonders, and you will be well-rewarded by what there is to find.

“The warm blessings of the Radiant Mother be on you.”

-Nalib al-Sammat, Adventurer
Introduction, A Guide to the New World

Welcome to the world of FRONTIERS, a world of decay and rebirth, of promise and curses, of a troubled past, an uncertain future, and a present of glorious opportunity.

In the year 500, on the fifth centennial of its inception, the Trebonian Empire was flung into civil war with the assassination of its emperor. The proud Empire has splintered along the ethnic and geographic boundaries that once divided it, leaving five quarreling nations across the continent where once was but one. The initial wars tore up the people and resources of Atrebor. A generation has passed, and while the belligerent conflicts between the young nations have died down, life on Atrebor is still made difficult by strong class distinctions and governments that are alternatingly oppressive and bunglingly incompetent.

Across the Western Deep, even beyond the distant and now poorly named Final Islands, lies Nasertia, the New World. Discovered in the year 370 by a wayward pirate armada and named for the pirate commander’s mistress, Nasertia is an extremely vast and fertile continent, populated only by scattered tribes living light on the land. Its eastern shores open into lush forests and plains, rich in timber and soil, and mountains, nearly bursting with untapped veins of valuable metal. An enormous, wondrous desert, whose end has not yet been found, stretches beyond the mountains to the west. While the Empire tightly controlled colonization of Nasertia, the Empire’s collapse has led to a landslide of immigration and a renewed land rush. Thousands of people of all races have come pouring across the Western Deep to build a better life for themselves, far from the oppression and cruelty of Atrebor’s warring nations.

Nasertia is not without its own cruelties, though. It is an untamed land, wrought with danger. Many of the native peoples are warlike and resentful of the settlers’ presence. Monsters, a danger almost forgotten on Atrebor, thrive and prey upon homesteads and caravans. The lawless frontier holds great potential for those willing to assume the risks of adventuring on its wild soil. Would-be heroes cross the ocean armed with myriad virtues of their own: a sure arm or a strong mind, a deft aim or a steady faith. All are needed to resist the dangers of the wild frontier.

Bounty killers chase their quarry across the deserts, armed with true grit and a shotgun. Sixgun-packing rangers defend new settlements from marauding orcs and goblins. Scholars and filibustering opportunists eagerly make contact with tribes of halflings and elves, some yearning for knowledge, others for profit. And bands of heroes set off to slay monsters with spells and repeating rifles.

Do you have what it takes, partner?


Pardon the dust.

   Posted by: Andrew Linstrom

‘scuse me while I move in and fix the place up. I’ve had a DreamHost account for ages, and this domain for most of those ages, and only got around to sticking WordPress up on this domain this last October. Then, I promptly stuck it off to the side while I did other things. Lately I’ve been challenged, internally and externally, to get this beast up and rolling for realsies.

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