Here are the current playtest stats for some of the firearms we’re using in the Fantasy Craft version.

New Weapon Quality: Ammo

Ammo: This weapon carries multiple rounds of ammunition in a rotating cylinder, a tubular magazine, or some other source. This quality is intended for ranged weapons, but may conceivably be applied to modern melee weapons like cattle prods or bang sticks. This quality indicates the number of times the weapon may be used to make attacks before it must be reloaded.

Big ol’ table of guns after the cut. Forgive the clashing colors; I’m wrestling with the handy plugin I used for table generation and the language it speaks, something you kids call the “CSS.”

Table: Black Powder Weapons
.66 Cyclops (10)Hard 120D1 lb.Industrial20s
Large rifle (20)Hard 115D1 lb.Industrial12s
Large pistol (20)Hard 115D1/2 lb.Industrial8s
Small rifle (20)Hard 115D1 lb.Industrial8s
Small pistol (20)Hard 115D1/2 lb.Industrial6s
Shells, shotgun (20)Hard 115D2 lb.Industrial12s
Shells, Tödbilder (10)Hard 120D1 lb.Industrial10s
Slugs, shotgun (20)Hard 115D2 lb.Industrial16s
Derringer2d4 lethal18-2010 ft. x 5Ammo 4, load 3F/1hHard 115D1 lb.Industrial40s
Revolver, heavy2d6 lethal18-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 5, load 4T/1hHard 320W4 lb.Industrial120s
Revolver, light2d4 lethal18-2020 ft. x 5Ammo 6, load 4T/1hHard 215W3 lb.Industrial80s
Shotgun, sawed-off3d4 lethal19-2010 ft. x 5Ammo 2, load 3, spreadT/1hHard 315W4 lb.Industrial160s
GSA Cyclops2d12 lethal18-2060 ft. x 10AP 2, ammo 1, load 3, massive, unreliableM/2hHard 330M12 lb.Industrial400s
Rifle, breech-loading2d10 lethal18-2060 ft. x 8AP 2, ammo 1, load 3S/2hHard 320W7 lb.Industrial240s
Rifle, double-barrel2d10 lethal18-2060 ft. x 8AP 2, ammo 2, load 3S/2hHard 325W9 lb.Industrial360s
Rifle, heavy lever-action2d8 lethal18-2050 ft. x 8AP 2, ammo 8, load 5S/2hHard 325M10 lb.Industrial200s
Rifle, light lever-action2d6 lethal18-2040 ft. x 8AP 2, ammo 12, cavalry, load 5S/2hHard 320M8 lb.Industrial160s
Rifle, revolving2d6 lethal18-2040 ft. x 8AP 2, ammo 6, cavalry, load 4S/2hHard 320W7 lb.Industrial160s
Shotgun, double-barrel3d4 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 2, load 3S/2hHard 315W7 lb.Industrial160s
Shotgun, dwarven quad-barrel3d4 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 4, load 4, spreadM/2hHard 325W12 lb.Industrial280s
Shotgun, lever-action3d4 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 8, load 5, spreadS/2hHard 325M8 lb.Industrial200s
Shotgun, revolving3d4 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 5, load 4, spreadS/2hHard 320W7 lb.Industrial200s
Tödbilder Blunderbuss3d6 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 1, load 3, spread, unreliableM/2hHard 325W7 lb.Industrial240s
Tödbilder Negotiator3d4 lethal19-2030 ft. x 5Ammo 2, load 3, spike, spreadS/2hHard 325M7 lb.Industrial240s

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Man… I miss Frontiers. I really enjoyed that Colonel (Captain?) I had.

June 30th, 2011 at 7:34 pm
Andrew Linstrom

Captain James McCallister, Imperial Legions (Ret.). Those characters are iconic in this setting.

June 30th, 2011 at 9:25 pm

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