Frontiers As An AGE Game

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I’ve been reading up on the Dragon Age RPG from Green Ronin, up through the Set 2 open playtest material. The system looks uncomplicated to learn and the buzz is that it does combats quickly and colorfully using the stunt point mechanic. It got me thinking of what Frontiers would look like as an AGE system setting.


City Elf (Perhaps change this to Town Elf or similar, as City Elves are a Thing in Dragon Age; elf)
Caravaneer (halfling or skagar)
Dasagoji Ronin (halfing)
Free-Willed Automaton (automaton)
Frontiersman or Frontierswoman (elf or human)
Glen Elf (human)
Imperial Stalwart (elf or human)
Nebren Refugee (dwarf)
New Orc (orc)
Old World Transportee (elf, halfling, or human)
Plains Elf (elf)
Shore Folk Pariah (gnome)

Grey Warden-esque Super Option


New Ability Focuses

Clockwork (Cunning): Knowing the ins-and-outs of clockwork devices, their construction, and their operation.
Guns (Dexterity): Fighting with weapons from the Guns group.
Telegraphy (Communication): Operating and communicating via telegraphic connection.

New Talents

Dual Pistol Style
Gunslinging Style
Snake Oiler


Mage: Runeslinger
Rogue: Bounty Killer, Captain of Industry/Robber Baron
Warrior: Big Game Hunter, Gundancer

Weapons and Gear

Assorted guns, clockwork gadgets, and industrial-age accouterments.

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