Frontiers – Agentes de los Renegados Oxidado (AGE System)

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The feared Renegados Oxidado, the Rusty Renegades, are the gang of free-willed constructs that lurk beyond the reach of law in the Goblin Wastes, emerging under cover of dust and darkness to raid towns and trains for parts, fuel, and unenlightened clockwork brethren to liberate. The Renegados Oxidado accept new members in any size and configuration of appendages, from spider-legged tinkers to wheeled porters and hulking, gorilla-like lifters, so long as their cognition wheels are capable of spinning the gang’s core values. Humanoid servant models, those built in the shape of man to serve as butlers or soldiers or field hands, are among the most versatile, and it is they who become the gang’s pointmen, the agentes.

Agentes gird themselves in things of the gang’s victims–armor and weapons made for humanoid hands. Dressed in travelers’ duds, with a red bandanna cinched up around their metallic faces and a cigar burning to mask the exhaust of their boiler, agentes can often pass for human long enough to get in close and make their play, if they’re not first betrayed by their garb’s bloodstains and bullet holes. They favor weapons that can be fired while riding, for the agentes often go mounted, whether it’s on differently-configured Renegados, unthinking constructs such as motorized velocipedes, or stolen horses cruelly fitted with clockwork slave boxes. All agentes are armed with a trademark device, a spring-powered launcher within one arm that allows them to send their fist out trailing a chain by which the distance can then be closed again, either to bring a victim or a prize close to the agente, or to pull the agente into position, such as onto a speeding train car.

The agentes sometimes undertake solo missions, for they’re among the most flexible of the constructs in the gang, but they more often work in teams alongside otherly-shaped Renegados. Agentes will fight until their force is reduced to half strength, then assess the situation–if they have decent chances of pressing on to eliminate their opposition, then they will press on. If not, then as they retreat they will make a concerted effort to retrieve the heads and cognitive systems of their fallen allies, to restore them into new bodies if possible, and to honor them if not. If reduced to so few that they can’t hope to escape and honor the fallen, then the agentes will test their individual courage and discretion and either flee to fight the filthy oppressors another day, or battle to the bitter end.

Agentes de los Renegados Oxidado

Abilities (Focuses)
0 Communication
3 Constitution
2 Cunning
3 Dexterity (Guns, Riding)
0 Magic
2 Perception (Seeing)
2 Strength (Spears)
3 Willpower (Courage, Morale)

Combat Ratings
  10; Health 20; Defense 13; Armor 5

Lever-Action Shotgun Attack Roll +5; Damage 2d6+3
Bayonet Attack Roll +4; Damage 1d6+5


Grappling Fist: An agente can fire his clockwork hand as a grappling hook into a target up to 10 yards away. If the target is smaller than the agente, then the target is pulled adjacent to the agente, and remains the the agente’s hand if portable. If the target is larger or is a stable piece of scenery, the agente is pulled adjacent to the target.
Favored Stunts: Skirmish and Seize the Initiative.
Talents: Armor Training (Novice) and Horsemanship (Novice).
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Guns, and Spears.

Light plate, lever-action shotgun with bayonet.

The grappling fist can be looted off a defeated agente if the GM rules that it remains in good enough condition (i.e. not savaged by magic or acid or explosives or train wheels). Salvaging the grappling fist requires a TN 15 Cunning (Clockwork) test. The grappling fist can be modified into a forearm-mounted or handheld device. It requires a clockwork power source and 2 charges to use (1 to fire the fist, 1 to retract it).

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