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“On my journeys through the New World, my three most trustworthy friends were my horse, my sword, and my rifle. That battered but well-loved Kerrigan repeater that I bought many years ago in Cinder Keep saved my life and kept me fed on so many occasions that I nearly declined compensation when I went on a promotional tour to help Kerrigan sell more. For an adventurer in the West, a shooting iron is his most valuable traveling companion.

“The vast majority of the firearms in Nasertia are imported from the Old World, where the five leading small arms makers manufacture their deadly merchandise. The Big Five, as some call them, are Kerrigan Long Guns Company, Lukas Firearms Manufacturing, Tödbilder Arms Company, Crimson Sunsets, and Gnossan State Armories. Excepting Crimson Sunsets, each has their own specialty, and fills their niche superbly.

“I once had the pleasure of meeting Desmond Kerrigan, owner of the Kerrigan Long Guns Company and inventor of the lever-action rifle. He was a fine elf who comported himself humbly for a businessman of his stature, but his eyes and his voice were plain with the same inventive genius that carries over into his weapons designs. Kerrigan is an expert arms manufacturing company with a good variety of weapons, but their proudest craft is the honored Kerrigan ’36 Lever-Action Repeater. The Kerrigan rifle fires the same .44-caliber cartridges as the popular Lukas Peacemaker revolver, meaning that adventurers who carry both need only purchase one kind of ammunition. Variants include the ’37 Lever-Action Carbine, which is lighter and shorter and designed for cavalrymen to use on horseback, and the Mercenary, which is a version of the ‘36 designed to fire the longer and heavier .47-caliber rifle round.

“The enormously successful Nebren-based Lukas Firearms Manufacturing Company is most famous for its .44-caliber Peacemaker, which is the favored handgun of lawmen and duelists in the New World. With the recent mineral drought in Nebre, exports of Lukas firearms, now manufactured mainly with steel imported from Nasertia, are speculated to be the only thing keeping the Nebren economy from total demise. The situation in Nebre is indeed dire–last year, Lukas sold nearly as many weapons to mercenaries fighting invaders in the mines as it exported.

“The Tödbilders are a family in a class of their own. Before they started innovating in close-quarters combat weapon design and became one of the most powerful entrepeneurial powers in Dnass, the phrase ‘upwardly mobile skagar’ was an oxymoron. Today, the Tödbilder name is synonymous with new and inventive weaponry. Most of their line of weapons has a ‘surprise’ of some kind; the Tödbilder Entry Revolver has a one-shot 20-gauge shotgun barrel slung underneath, and their short-barreled, double-barreled Negotiator shotgun has a spring-loaded dagger blade hidden between the barrels. Their wares are costly, but usually worth the price for their exceptional performance.

“Crimson Sunsets Trading House is a Konetti company that employs hundreds of expert weaponsmiths to expertly manufacture hand-crafted personal weapons. My own scimitar, in fact, bears the etched seal of Crimson Sunsets, and it is a very finely-crafted blade. The company specializes in bladed weapons for use aboard ships and on beaches, but in order to expand their market, the owners of the company recently purchased and founded a number of modest workshops to produce firearms patterned after their competitors. Crimson Sunsets now has a reputation on land as a maker of decent guns that imitate well, but never exceed, the performance of the guns that they are based on.

“The never-ending conflict between Gnoss and Dnass is an expensive one. One bright general in Gnoss had the idea of funding the nation’s war machine by expanding it and selling surplus as export. The idea was a success, and the other nations of Atrebor now equip their own armies largely with Gnossan State Armories weapons. GSA weapons are rugged guns that perform well, even under bad conditions. Some shipments have changed hands several times and wound up in the arsenals of Dnassan units, and there are even Dnassan infantrymen that swear by them! The Legionnaire is a stout lever-action carbine in the style of the Kerrigan repeater, and they also produce a lever-action shotgun. Their most popular product in the West is the GSA Big Sixty, a long, falling block action rifle that fires an enormously powerful .60-caliber cartridge. The Big Sixty is popular for hunting buffalo, ogres, and other big game such as armored infantry.”

-Nalib al-Sammat, Adventurer
A Guide to the New World

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