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‘scuse me while I move in and fix the place up. I’ve had a DreamHost account for ages, and this domain for most of those ages, and only got around to sticking WordPress up on this domain this last October. Then, I promptly stuck it off to the side while I did other things. Lately I’ve been challenged, internally and externally, to get this beast up and rolling for realsies.

Most Dangerous Games is a name that Adam Flynn and I came up with way back when. I don’t remember which of the two of us it was, but it was probably him. He’s got most of the good ideas. The origins of MDG is probably good fodder for future posts.

The main property that MDG exists to develop is Frontiers, an RPG setting. There are others percolating in my head, but Frontiers is the biggest and brightest, the oldest, and the dearest. The best. Frontiers is a fantasy western. It’s inspired by steampunk settings like Deadlands and the Iron Kingdoms, by Western literature and cinema, and by all the awesome parts of history that didn’t make it into your high school history classes.  It started as a D&D 3rd edition setting, and may stay that way under a system like Pathfinder. It may end up a Savage Worlds licensed release. It might even end up Powered By Fantasy Craft.

For now, I’m developing Frontiers in whatever direction suits me and my game design experience goals, and I’ll be posting something new up every week.

This ended up a bit longer than I’d planned for a “new placeholder to get rid of the WordPress placeholder” post. Time to press “publish” and go back to tweaking layout.

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I am so freakin’ excited.

April 20th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

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