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The greatest of the gods looking down on mortalkind from the heavens and their shining city on the moon are ageless beyond man’s reckoning, the origins of their birth or ascent lost or borne only in hazy myth. Among the lesser deities and demigods, though, are those whose birth was mortal, and the tales of their ascent are known to recent legend or even recorded history. Of this new breed of gods and goddesses, the three with the widest following are Alesh the Marksman, Etain the Frigid Bitch, and Zsofia the Innovator. 

Alesh, the Marksman, the Greatest Hunter

Alesh was a human sharpshooter and big game hunter. After killing thousands of the world’s most dangerous warriors and monsters, he set his sights on Cernunon, the proud god of the hunt. Alesh commissioned an enchanted rifle of epic power, climbed to the top of the world’s highest peak, and shot the god in his hunting lodge on the moon before usurping his power and domain. Alesh is revered by marksmen, big game hunters, and serial killers.

Alesh’s symbol is a crossed spear and rifle.

Paths: Death, Travel, Wilderness
Alignment Skills: Athletics, Notice, Sneak, Survival
Ritual Weapon: Breech-loading rifle
Avatar: Tiger
Opposed Alignments: Leviathan

Etain, the Frigid Bitch, the Ice Queen, the Usurper

Once a human sorceress of incredible power, Etain murdered the deity known as Father Winter and assumed his portfolio. Now she directs the north winds and night’s chill with pitiless abandon. Her church is popular with those in colder climes, those seeking power, and evil magic users.

Etain’s symbol is the snowflake.

Paths: Air, Evil, Magic, Nature
Alignment Skills: Disguise, Intimidate, Resolve, Survival
Ritual Weapon: Shuriken
Avatar: Air Elemental V
Opposed Alignments: Beronna

Zsofia, the Innovator, the Spark, the Iron Muse

Zsofia was an inventor and a high priestess of Maedoc, the greater god of crafstmen and engineers. When Maedoc shifted his focus away from individual workers and towards industry at large, many of his followers became disillusioned, Zsofia among them. The details of her ascension to demigodhood are unclear, thought to be purposefully obfuscated by herself and her early priesthood. Instead of the great, grinding gears of industry and progress, Zsofia is the patron and champion of inventors, craftsmen, underdogs who find their voice and their power through technology, and those in need of inspiration.

Zsophia’s symbol is a telegraph pole.

Paths: Knowledge, Light, Metal
Alignment Skills: Crafting, Investigate, Notice, Prestidigitation
Ritual Weapon: Bullwhip (preferably braided from telegraph wire)
Avatar: Will O’ Wisp
Opposed Alignments: Maedoc

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